Tips for Storing Your Gardening Equipment in Winter

Now that the mercury is dropping all over the country, many homeowners will be putting down their last application of fertilizer, mowing their lawns one more time and getting ready to rake and blow leaves out of their yards. Of course, when the winter finally sets in, you’ll have to find a place for storing your gardening equipment or other horticultural supplies, most of which won’t see any use until next spring. Additionally, if you live in a colder climate, you’ll need additional space to accommodate snow blowers, shovels and other winter needs.

Instead of cluttering your garage or attic from top to bottom with unused yard equipment all winter long, it may be beneficial to rent a self storage unit for the season. These spaces can be rented on a monthly basis, typically without having to put down a deposit, which will give you plenty of breathing room in your home.

If you’ll be storing lawn mowers or other large pieces of power equipment, be sure to drain any traces of gas from the motors before storing them. When choosing a particular self storage unit for storing your gardening equipment, you probably don’t need to splurge on a climate-controlled unit; instead, opt for a standard outdoor space. As long as you winterize your machines before putting them into storage, they should be ready to go when spring rolls around next year.

Best of all, self storage facilities typically include by a wide range of features, including cameras and electronic gates.

When it comes to storing your gardening equipment or other lawn care tools, don’t let your home be encumbered with stuff you won’t be touching for three months or beyond. Find a convenient self storage location and keep them out of sight (and out of mind) until they’re needed again.