Accessing Your Storage Unit

We make it easy to access your belongings when it's convenient for you.

Access and Office Hours

When does StorageMart close?

StorageMart locations have varying office and gate hours. These can be found on each facility's page on our website.

WHAT’s the Difference in Office vs Access Hours?

Office hours are the timeframe in which our property manager is available in our front office. 
Access hours are the timeframe in which your personal access code allows you to enter the property. At many of our locations, the access hours are much wider than office hours. Some properties have an option to upgrade to 24/7 access hours. See your store manager for details.

How do I access my unit?

Swing by anytime during access hours and use your gate code, electronic keycard, or our bluetooth app at applicable locations.  

What are the holiday hours?

Holiday hours vary by location, country, and location. Gate hours could also change during holidays. Please check with your facility manager to find out when your location will be open.

Can I get 24-hour access?

Please contact the facility manager at the location you are interested in 24-hour access.

Can I move in after hours?

Paperwork must be completed and signed during office hours. After that, you're free to move your belongings in during gate hours.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can access my unit per day or month?

No, there is no limit to your self storage access rate, other than the business hours. The gates of the facility lock at a specific time each evening, and unless you have 24-hour access set up, you can't access your unit after the facility's gate access hours.

What are your access hours?

Access hours vary by location. You can check your facility's access hours online, in the information box at the top of their page.

How do I get into my unit after hours?

Most of our facilities offer free extended access, and some provide 24-hour access with manager approval.
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