Not All Storage Units Are Created Equal.

There’s more to choosing the right storage unit than simply finding something cheap and close to home. Now more than ever, there are a wide variety of features and amenities that differ from one storage facility to another. Finding the right balance of location, cost, size, and amenities means you’ll get the right storage solution for you.

Features and Amenities

Is the storage facility well lit?

StorageMart's self storage lighting is top notch. Our facilities have quality LED lighting in most locations to keep the buildings well lit, making it easier when accessing your belongings in the evening or early morning.

Is there electricity in my storage unit?

Some StorageMart units come with electrical outlets, but it is available on select units only. Please contact the facility manager for the specific location you're interested in to find out about storage units with electricity.

Can I have band practice in my storage unit?

We are huge music fans! Some of our locations do allow band practice in a storage unit. Please contact the facility manager at the location you're interested in for more details.

Do you accept deliveries on my behalf?

Yes, we can accept deliveries on your behalf at most of our locations. Our facility manager can sign for the package and allow the delivery service access to your unit to deliver it. Please contact your facility manager to set up delivery acceptance.

Are covered loading bays provided?

Many of our storage facilities have covered loading bays so rain, sleet, or snow are not a problem.

What is a covered loading bay?

A covered loading bay is an area for you to unload your belongings while sheltered from the weather. Loading bays are present more often at storage facilities with interior units.

What is the height of your storage units?

Generally, our standard units are 7 to 8 feet tall. Anything shorter than that is indicated to have low ceilings on our website. If you have questions about a specific unit's height, please contact your local facility.

Do you have onsite managers?

Most of of our facilities have onsite managers with set office hours. Only a few have managers who live onsite. Some facilities are annexes, with their office located at a nearby location.

Do you have various unit sizes?

Yes, we offer a wide range of unit sizes to better fit your storage needs, ranging from a small locker to large warehouses and anything in between. View our sizing guide or contact our storage experts to help guide you in selecting the right size unit for you.


What's the difference between heated and climate controlled storage?

StorageMart offers two types of special units for temperature sensitive items. A heated unit is warmer in the winter to prevent the temperature from dropping too low. This unit type is especially common in areas with very cold winters. A climate controlled unit is one that is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, keeping the interior at a moderate temperature. This is the ideal storage solution for temperature sensitive items such as electronics, antiques, or musical instruments.

Is climate controlled the same as temperature controlled?

Yes, a climate controlled unit is one that is temperature controlled to be constant year-round, protecting your belongings from temperature fluctuations.

When do I need climate controlled storage?

Climate controlled storage is ideal for sensitive items such as electronics, furniture, wooden instruments, or musical instruments.
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