Storing Your Vehicle, Motorhome, or Boat

Parking space at your home can be limited. StorageMart offers you the extra space you need to park your vehicle, boat, or motorhome.

Parking For Rent

Do you have car, motorhome, trailer, boat or vehicle storage?

Most of our locations offer a range of vehicle storage options. Parking amenities vary by facility, but may include indoor, outdoor, or covered parking spaces for your car, truck, boat, trailer, motorhome, motorcycle, watercraft, ATV, or other vehicle storage needs.
To reserve vehicle storage, please fill out an information request form on the location's page and the facility manager will contact you about available parking.

Can I keep a motorcycle in my unit?

Sure! We do require proof of title, insurance, and disclosure if there's a lien for any vehicle stored at StorageMart. We also ask that it be drained of all fluid.

Car Storage/Parking

What size/type of car storage do you have?

Parking amenities vary by facility, but may include:
Call your local StorageMart to discuss the parking availability and options.

Will my vehicle fit inside the unit?

There is indoor vehicle parking available at some StorageMart locations. Please contact your facility manager to find out more about a facility's specific amenities and unit dimensions.

Boat & Motorhome Parking

Can I store my boat in my unit?

Some of our larger units are suitable for indoor storage of boats. Please contact your facility manager to discuss specific unit dimensions features.
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